History of Kohler

A World Class Brand Built on a Tradition of Excellence.

With a rich history spanning 140 years, the Kohler name has become synonymous with creativity, innovation and the highest standards of kitchen and bathroom design. Since it’s creation in 1873, Kohler has remained at the cutting edge of technological and creative innovation; investing in research and development to pioneer industry-beating concepts. Kohler’s eye-catching designs reflect a unique understanding of changing contemporary styles, while the quality of its products ensure it remains at the top of the industry.

Since entering the Chinese market in 2007, Kohler has gone from strength to strength. Having won the hearts of Chinese consumers, and garnered a number of awards for its products, Kohler is already a market leader; enabling millions of Chinese families to enjoy the luxury, elegance and quality for which Kohler has become renowned the world over.

Development of Kohler Kitchens

  • 1873
    Kohler Co. was founded in Wisconsin, USA.
  • 1883
    John Michael Kohler invented the first bathtub.
  • 1929
    KOHLER® Kathryn range was recognized as a permanent exhibit by the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art.
  • 1930
    KOHLER products were debuted in Shanghai’s Jin Jiang Hotel, Grand Cinema, etc.
  • 1960
    Kohler entered the kitchen cabinet industry in North America.
  • 1995
    Kohler entered the China market.
  • 1999
    Kohler Co’s global cabinet head office was set up in China.
  • 2006
    Kohler’s kitchen cabinet factory was established in China.
  • 2008
    Kohler China Design Center was opened in Shanghai.
  • 2012
    KOHLER Artist Edition range for kitchens was launched, revolutionizing kitchen designs.

Environmental Protection & Charity of Kohler

Creativity for a Green Future

Kohler has collaborated with ‘Shanghai Eco Home’ to create an environmentally-friendly concept for the future. The ‘Shanghai Eco Home’ was originally presented as part of the ‘best practice’ area of the World City Expo in Shanghai. The Eco Home adheres to an ecological construction theory that revolves around the core ideas of ‘energy and resource conservation in a context that puts people first’ –a perfect match with the World Expo’s theme of ‘a better city, a better life’.

Kohler is a Pioneer in Environmental Protection

As a pioneer in the field of environmental protection and energy conservation, Kohler has made ecological and environmental preservation one of its top priorities in China. Since the creation of a 333,350M2 natural reserve in Wisconsin in the US, Kohler has steadily developed and expanded it ‘sustainable development’ strategy. In China this has taken the form of ‘Kohler Forests’, the first being in the Henghsui Lake area in Hebei. The second phase of this re-forestation project will be launched in Yulin, Shanxi, in July. The project will then be expanded to Jinning , Kunming, in November, ensuring that in just half a year Kohler’s environmental protection initiatives will be present in areas ranging from northern to southwest China. Kohler ensures that green concepts are integrated into all its products while sacrificing nothing to quality, elegance and functionality … of course.

Marking Bathing Easy

Village People Project – Promoting Public Welfare in Chinese Villages.

Kohler believes the best way to bring about change in areas affected by rural and urban poverty is through genuine grass roots initiatives. An example of this thinking can be seen in Kohler’s support for the establishment of a public bathhouse in Sunjia Village, Fenggeling Town, Chengcang District, Baoji City, Shanxi Province. Kohler facilitated the restoration of interior fittings, including the installation of July Qiyue shower faucets. Through such projects Kohler is helping improve women and children’s health in rural areas of China.

Everybody Loves an Environmentally Friendly Home

At 8:30 pm on March 31st 2012 all of Kohler’s China offices dimmed their lights. The gesture was Kohler’s contribution to a global initiative called ‘Earth Hour’, aimed at promoting lower carbon emissions and environmental protection. In addition to specific events such as this, Kohler also encourages its customers and partners to support sustainable environmental policies.

Golf and Hotel of Kohler

Everybody Loves an Environmentally Friendly Home

Kohler owns three golf courses: Blackwolf Run, Whistling Straits and St Andrews, which are all well-known worldwide by holding countless wonderful Masters in their green grass land. Kohler promote golf sports, for it helps people enjoy elegant life, and its artistry can perfectly match with Kohler spirit.

The American Club

The American club is the only five diamond holiday resort in the Midwest America for 17 years. The American club was established in 1918, it provided comfortable residence for migrant workers by Kohler. As a high-grade hotel, it was rebuilt in the year 1981 and became a national registered history place.

Artistic Tradition of Kohler Kitchens

A Creative Tradition of Inspired Design

Since 1929, when its products were first displayed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, Kohler has nurtured and refined its artistic and creative roots.
1929 – Kohler products are selected for display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, cementing Kohler’s identity as a company renowned as much for its artistry as its quality.
1965 – ‘The Bold Look of Kohler’ campaign, accompanied by the launch of a comprehensive line of bathroom products, spearheaded a revolution in the industry.

2008- Kohler’s Pro Series wins Domus Magazine’s ‘Best Product Design of the Year Award’.

2009- Kohler’s Karbon faucet wins the ‘International Design Excellence Award’ accredited by IDSA. Kohler’s integrated kitchen cabinet products also win the pioneering design brand award in the kitchen & bath brands power list.

2010- Kohler collaborates with China’s renowned 798 Arts Center by inviting artists undertake short term residencies and studies at Kohler’s production facilities. The objective is to encourage the artists to explore their creativity while working with Kohler’s raw materials and using its state-of-the-art manufacturing technology. Several hundred artists have already benefitted from this unique initiative.

2012- Kohler started another initiative in cabinet industry-the launch of Kohler Cabinet Artist Edition, which has invited famous artists in its design and creation.

Original International Design of Kohler Kitchens

International Quality and Customized Design Concepts for the Chinese Kitchenn

Kohler designers are valuable creativity sources, feeding the US-based Kohler headquarters. Meticulously harnessed and perfectly integrated by designers at the HQ, the creative ideas are turned into global classic kitchens in various styles.
“Human being” is the first element to consider when designing a kitchen. We listen attentively to opinions from Chinese households, study in-depth the Chinese user’s habits and innovate in terms of functionality, space utility and lighting, material and new art forms. The professional R&D team helps make our design idea a reality step by step.

Production Base of Kohler Kitchens

Kohler production facilities meet stringent international
standards-guaranteeing safety, quality and reliability.

Kohler is the only international brand with a kitchen cabinet production facility in China. The facility operates under Kohler’s ‘Global Quality System.’
Kohler’s Changshu plant is spread over nearly 10,000M2 and is equipped with state-of-the-art imported manufacturing technology. By operating its own production operation in China, Kohler is able to ensure reliable stock supplies to distributors and more choice for customers.
The Changshu facility operates to European standards including advanced dust removal and other environmental technologies that exceed European green factory requirements by 15%. All plates and paints meet European environmental protection standards, making Changshu the first plant to receive SGS ISO 14000 certification in China.
Independent laboratories are also invited to test moisture content, hinge fatigue and other key measure ensuring the facility meets stringent US standards.
As part of Kohler’s sustainable development policy, energy consumption and emissions are kept to minimal levels, putting the Changshu plant on track to achieve China’s ‘Net Zero Factory’ goal by 2035.

* The Kohler ’Global Quality System’ sets its operational stand ards much higher than international industry standards. From the choice of materials, through design, production, distribution, installation and after sales service Kohler is committed to delivering nothing but the best.
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