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Brand-new Kohler Kitchens Showroom was Awarded Interior Design Grand Prize

As the earliest showroom of the brand, the Kohler Kitchens located on Kaixuan Road has always maintained the spirit of vitality and innovation, and constantly brought pleasant surprises to consumers. With painstaking design efforts by Mr. Liang Yuxi, senior interior architect and Director of China Institute of Interior Design, in 2014 it embraced another upgrading to bring complete transformation; its innovative and bold showroom space design also enabled Mr. Liang to be awarded "Silver Prize in Retailer Engineering Category of The 16th China Interior Design Competition" by the China Institute of Interior Design.

The showroom space of Kohler Kitchens on Kaixuan Road is surrounded by various front-line international building material brands, which brought tremendous momentum to the designer. In the early stage of the design work, the designer first explored the culture and spirit of Kohler Kitchens, by emphasizing the brand's time-honored history and innovative concept, he injected American lifestyle full of freedom and innovation spirit into the design, and focused on leveraging the space advantage of its street-facing two-level structure, and designed the two shops on the left and right plus the upper and lower levels into a life experience enabling free moving within the building without repetitive kitchen work, and added front yard elevated platform and staircases in space planning to bring the fun of space.


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The predecessor of the country's interior Institute of Architects, founded in 1989. ciid China is recognized by the International Organization for interior design interior designer of learned societies, the country's most prestigious academic organizations.Explore interior design of the road with Chinese characteristics, Society of Interior Designers role to play, safeguard the interests of interior designers, development and cooperation between the peers around the world.More than 20 years since the establishment, held every year in various academic exchange activities, provide a place for exchange and learning for designers, but also provides designers with a wide range of design information, provide various kinds of large-scale events information, providing various business help, making China the interior design industry?
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